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  • web service
  • UX/UI
  • frontend

About client

Our client was an educational organization that wanted to combine payments from private schools into one financial system. The "Edminify" project was planned to connect all the schools to a united system that minimizes financial transactions, automates internal processes and reduces payment errors. Our clients received the exactly desired result when they ordered a multifunctional web solution development from our YetiCrab team.


After exploring the idea of ​​the project, we were able to structure all the tasks into a single set of activities that needed to be done before the next academic year starts. Our to-do list looked like this:

  • UX/UI interface design
  • Web application development.
  • Integration of private schools financial subsystems.
  • Creation of separate personal accounts for schools and parents.
  • Flexible work with documents.
  • Recognition of documents.
  • Integration of payment for after school activities and meals.


We dived deeper in the specifics of private schools and decided to go with the basic set of technologies and build a multifunctional scalable platform.

Project development

  • TypeScript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Angular

We implemented this project together with a team of developers from Kyiv. Focusing on the industry specifics, we decided to develop a web platform with a modern interface and functions that will fully cover the tasks of the client. We chose the Angular framework as the basis, because it suited the most for building the logic and functional digital solution.


What we have done to solve the tasks:

  • Developed the logic of a web solution from scratch.
  • Created a reusable component system.
  • Integrated support for various legal formats of all schools.
  • Added payment services.
  • Wrote tools for creating accounts.
  • Developed a document management system.


We have also added a planner to our digital solution with a detailed payment schedule, after school classes and activities. In addition, we have enabled the ability to use and pay for such services as meals or transport, sending digital copies of documents, checks and sick leaves in each account.


Our client received:

  • Multifunctional electronic document management system.
  • Increasing the speed of transaction processing.
  • Increasing the level of trust from parents.
  • Automation of routine for processing payments by 90%.
  • Reducing the number of errors during processing.
  • Unique account system.
  • Ability to connect an unlimited number of schools and parents.
  • Switching employees to other tasks after implementing payment’s processing automation.
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