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  • web service
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  • UX/UI
  • frontend
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About client

“Juice From the RAW” is a company that prepares and distributes fresh juices, vegetable salads and snacks in branded vending machines. They are located in several major New York schools in the United States, and users value this food and drinks for the balanced ratio of price and quality. “Juice From the RAW” decided to improve the experience of using devices and include the ability to buy food and drinks through a mobile application. The company asked our team YetiCrab to solve these tasks.


Our main task was to develop a cross-platform mobile application that would allow students to buy healthy food and pick it up from vending machines during the breaks. In addition, we needed to implement the technical capability to solve the following tasks: 

  • Control the availability of products in vending machines. 
  • Ensure food quality control, track the expiration date. 
  • Accept payments from mobile devices. 
  • Book meals for students. 
  • Notify students about the arrival of new products in vending machines. 
  • Analyze sales and collect statistics. 
  • Implement a management system for mobile applications and vending machines.


Our team of professionals was just the right fit to solve these tasks, because the client needed an experienced and reliable partner to implement a cross-platform mobile application, the server part of the project and the content control panel. 

Project development

  • Node.js
  • React
  • Express.js
  • iOS
  • Android
  • React Native
    React Native
  • MongoDB
  • Firebase

First of all, we developed the server part of the platform based on the Express.js framework and the management system using the Angular framework. This technical stack was an effective base to create a clear and user-friendly interface.


What we did for “Juice From the RAW”: 

  • Developed cross-platform mobile applications for iOS and Android. 
  • Created a user's personal account system with the biometric access. 
  • Implemented a payment card support for most US banks. 
  • Set up integration between the server, control panel, vending machines and mobile application. 
  • Added an order management system. 
  • Created a purchase mechanism and a loyalty program. 

Additionally, we implemented a built-in navigator in the mobile application, which shows the nearest vending machine and the presence of a particular product in it. And if the desired product was absent, the navigator directs to the nearest machine where it can be found.


Here are some of the “Daily Fresh” app launch results for our client: 

  • Increase in the average check by 40%. 
  • Increase in customer loyalty. 
  • Transparent sales analytics, identification of “Juice From the RAW” most popular products. 
  • In-time control of the goods availability in each vending machine. 
  • Speed ​​up and automatization of the buying process.
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